Have you found a business to buy, but don't know how to communicate your interest?

So you've found a business to buy and you're ready to take the next step. But you're not sure how to communicate to the Seller what you're willing and able to do so that you can get to the next step. How do you demonstrate your professionalism, communicate the deal you're willing to do and document everything so that's there's no misunderstanding?

Get to the next step with an Indication of Interest, and if you like what you see, then a Letter of Intent, or LOI.

Now you don't have to guess what to put in these letters. Get our proven M&A Transaction Templates consisting of the Indication of Interest and Letter of Intent. Just like our PPM templates, sections that require your input are highlighted in RED. Don't guess what to write - use a proven template to get your transaction moving.

How do you communicate your transaction to your banker in such a way that gives them confidence that you're thorough and know what you're doing?

Don't visit your banker asking for money with a poorly written summary of your deal. It's easier to say NO than spend the time to figure it all out - especially when loan demand is outpacing supply.

Make it easy on your banker. Give them a professional Executive Summary that makes it easy for them to say YES. I've personally used some form of this Executive Summary inside a bank to get $1 billion in LBO transactions and other financings completed. I know it works.

Get Your Transaction and Financing Templates
And Make Your Transaction Communication Professional.

  • Don't Guess What To Write - don't reinvent the wheel. A TransCapital Pro IOI and LOI template make it easy to communicate with your target.
  • Make It Hard For Your Banker To Say No - A good Banker always has a deep pipeline - it makes it easier to pick and choose the deals to pursue. When you present a complete package, you greatly increase your chances of going to the top of the list. Make it easy for Your Banker to say YES!
  • Drive Discipline Into Your Process - when you have to sit down and pencil out your deal, you get real clear. You begin to see angles, opportunities, risks and issues that you might not have seen before. That's what completing an IOI or LOI, or writing out an Executive Summary does.

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Transaction Templates packet includes two templates – an Indication of Interest and a Letter of Intent:

  • Indication of Interest, or IOI, is used when first presented with an acquisition opportunity. Typically required by the seller’s broker or investment banker, it is used as a screening process to get to serious buyers. It is a unilateral agreement that presents an initial indication of purchase price and deal structure.
  • The Letter of Intent, also known as the LOI, is the next step in proceeding to completing an acquisition. The LOI is used to define the terms of your offer with the benefit of having completed some preliminary due diligence. It will have more meat than the Indication of Interest since the IOI will typically be provided without the benefit of management presentation or plant/facility tours. while not binding as a whole, there are certain provisions that you, as the acquirer will want to make binding.
  • The Financing Template packet has two templates – a Transaction Summary and an Executive Summary:

  • The Transaction Summary is a quick way to gather your preliminary thoughts about a transaction and communicate them with your lenders, partners or prospective investors. If the Indication of Interest expresses your initial interest in a transaction with the seller, the Transaction Summary does the same thing with capital partners. Easy to read and format, the Transaction Summary gets right to the points of the transaction from 20,000 feet.
  • The Executive Summary is a great document to use when you need to communicate your transaction with your banker or your institutional investor. Coming to the table with a well-prepared Executive Summary sets the stage for your funding request. Each section of this Executive Summary template prompts you with issues to address – it couldn’t be any easier.
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