Raising A Private Equity Fund?

If you’re here, you know the drill.

You understand how private equity/venture capital funds, or blind pools, are structured. You understand what carried interest is and how the waterfall flows.

What you probably don’t understand, is why it should cost $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000 to draft a private placement memorandum for your fund.

Our fund templates make it easy.

Like our other templates,

  • Everything comes in Microsoft Word, so it’s simple and easy to use
  • Items that require editing appear in RED font, so there’s no guessing on your part
  • For items that aren’t boilerplate, you get prompts so you’re not staring at a blank page tying to figure out what to write
  • 30 day money back, no questions asked guarantee if your not happy with our template
  • Available immediately via secure download so you can be drafting five minutes from now

Want to see a sample?

Download a sample of our Private Equity Private Placement Memorandum.

30 Day Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Like all of my products, the Private Equity Fund Private Placement Memorandum template comes with my unconditional money-back guarantee. If you're unhappy for any reason, just shoot me an email.

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Only $297

  • Comes in Microsoft Word®
  • Investor notification
  • NASAA Legends for all 50 states
  • Executive summary
  • An extensive Investment Strategy section
  • Risk Factors/Investment Considerations
  • Terms and conditions specifically for investment funds
  • Potential conflict of interest
  • ERISA and tax discussion
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Two templates *

* Your Private Equity Private Placement template comes with two (2) templates. One is structured where the General Partner and the Investment Manager are one and the same. The other template is structured where the General Partner and the Investment Manager are separate entities.

This second structure is for those sponsors that anticipate raising more than one fund, thereby allowing for a single Investment Manager to manage the investments for several investment vehicles (note that each fund should have its own GP, i.e. not a single entity that is the GP for multiple partnerships).