Raise Capital With Private Placement Memorandum

Use a Private Placement Memorandum Template from TransCapital Pro to raise capital for your business – whether its $100,000 or $10,000,000. You can raise capital for your business, private equity fund, or real estate transactions. Our templates are valid in all 50 states and are easy to navigate to  customize for your purpose.

Writing your own private placement is not as daunting an assignment as it sounds. A good template will guide you through all of the various sections. And, at the end of the day, you are essentially articulating your business plan to your prospective investors – and who knows your business better than you.

One of the critical sections of the private placement is the Risk Section. Here you will want to be totally transparent. I advise my clients that they should provide the information that they would want to know if the roles were reversed. You should never commit an intentional lie, or a lie of omission.

The other advice I give clients who choose to write their own private placement memorandum is to not sell. Just stick to the facts of the business and of the transaction. If you need a sale document, prepare a power point presentation.

Finally, make sure you get your attorney to review your PPM. Where I’ve found attorneys to add value is by tweaking the language in the Risk Section. I think its human nature to want to mitigate the risk your are stating (because you want to get your deal funded). But this goes against the grain of what the PPM is all about, and your attorney will take an objective view of this section and make sure its “just the facts.”

Private Placement Memorandum Templates for private equity and debt offerings from TransCapital Pro.