Private Money And Blue Sky Laws

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Today I’m going to show you a cool tool right here on TransCapital Pro

My consulting clients have been asking me about Blue Sky laws and what they need to do to be in compliance.

Well, because it would be difficult to be fluent in each states Blue Sky laws, I built this interactive map (thanks to Pat Flynn) where you can click on any state and be taken to that state’s securities regulation division.

And as a side note, the trigger for complying with a state’s Blue Sky law is whether your investor, or prospective investor is a resident of that state.

So for example, I’m a resident of the state of Ohio. But if I were seeking to raise money from investors in Indiana and Kentucky, I would have to make sure I was in compliance with the securities laws of those states.

So lets take a look. You can find the map at TransCapitalPro. I have the page open, but you can click on the navigation, here under Blue Sky.

You can see that the map is easy to use. When you hoover over the map the states get highlighted. And when you click on a state, a new tab opens to the securities division for that state.

If you get a bad link, try the table – that’s where I update the urls.

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