Here's what some of our customers have to say:

What I found was that It is very well organized and the format is as simple as plug and play, with instructions written in plain English. My group was able to meet and in one setting we were able to create the terms of the offering quick, simple and precise. I am glad we did not spend thousands of dollars.

Richard Burnett

Thousand Oaks, CA

I found that the template was professionally done. Before I purchased this product, I had come across a number of templates that were too generic in their approach. After reviewing the first couple of pages of this template, I immediately realized that this PPM was the real deal.

The customer service you provide exceeds expectations by a mile. One of the best customer service experiences I've had. Thank you.

Jimmy Jaimes

Dallas, TX

What I found is the format is an easy to follow, fill in the blanks presentation of what is necessary and regulatory without the confusing nomenclature.

Stephen eichler

Santa Ana, CA

Using your PPM template was both time and cost effective; it proved to be a good roadmap for the relatively extensive information which needed to be compiled. While our project was not particularly complicated, your framework gave us what we needed and would have provided more if required.

Without a doubt, the greatest benefit was your willingness to be available on short notice and to respond to questions that arose. Your personal service was tremendous!

Scott barksdale

Leawood, KS

Before I found TransCapital Pro I had already contacted and talked with several different companies, and listened to what they had to say and offer. No one made me feel as comfortable as TransCapital Pro did. Not only did you do an excellent job, you delivered on your words and got it [my PPM] done in a timely matter. Your professionalism, work ethic, and knowledge is superior and second to none.


I was very pleased with TransCapital Pro's service and would recommend them to anyone considering PPM drafting services - rest assured that it would get done and done right the first time. Great Job!

tony harmon

Modesto, CA

I was trying to raise start-up capital to finance my business plan for a multi-unit restaurant chain. When I purchased the Equity Pricing Model, the only obstacle or concern I had that made me hesitate was the potential complexities of inputting the data properly and overall ease of use. Those concerns were alleviated after reading the description of the product on the website as well as the 30 day money back guarantee in case it didn't deliver on it's promises.


I found the model easy to use and was able to take my financial calculations from my business plan and easily insert them to get the results and info I was looking for. It was simple, accurate and I was able to immediately download it from the web after purchase. I used the calculations and valuation information to make some important decisions about the terms I would offer to potential investors.

Brian Kelly

New York, NY